SIP Trunks                (Session Initiation Protocol)

SIP Trunks are a form of communication technology that enables the transmission of voice, video, and other media over the internet.

It serves as a replacement for traditional telephone lines by utilising the Internet Protocol (IP) network to establish and manage communications between different endpoints. SIP trunks facilitate the exchange of multimedia sessions, including voice calls, video conferences, instant messaging, and presence information.

SIP trunks provide organisations with numerous benefits compared to traditional telephony systems. Firstly, they offer significant cost savings, as they eliminate the need for multiple physical phone lines and associated hardware. With SIP trunks, businesses can consolidate their voice and data networks, streamlining their infrastructure and reducing operational expenses. Additionally, SIP trunks offer greater flexibility and scalability, allowing organisations to easily add or remove channels as per their changing requirements.

Moreover, SIP trunks enable businesses to leverage advanced communication features and integrate them with other applications and services. This integration allows for enhanced productivity and collaboration, as employees can seamlessly communicate and share information across various platforms and devices. SIP trunks also support geographic flexibility, enabling businesses to have local phone numbers in different regions without the need for physical presence. This feature is particularly valuable for companies with a global presence or those looking to expand their operations in different markets.

Overall, SIP trunks empower organisations with a cost-effective, scalable, and feature-rich communication solution that leverages the power of the internet to drive efficient and seamless connectivity.

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Advantages of Unity SIP Trunks

Cost Savings

SIP trunks cut costs by using internet connections, replacing phone lines, and offering affordable rates for long-distance and international calls, resulting in substantial savings.


SIP trunks easily scale communication infrastructure for businesses, simplifying channel additions or removals. This cost-effective solution adapts to growth and call volume changes.

Geographical Flexibility

SIP trunks create virtual presence in various locations, allowing businesses to have local phone numbers in different regions. This expands reach, targets local customers, and enhances customer service.

Business Continuity

SIP trunks provide reliable business continuity, maintaining uninterrupted communication during power outages. Calls can be rerouted to alternate locations, mobile devices, or backup systems, ensuring continuous operation.

Unified Communications

SIP trunks integrate with UC systems, consolidating channels for improved collaboration, productivity, and user experience through unified voice, video, and messaging services.

Advanced Features

SIP trunks provide advanced features like call forwarding, call waiting, auto-attendant, and more, enhancing communication capabilities. They are compatible with various devices, allowing flexible communication choices.

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