Leased Lines

Leased lines, also known as dedicated lines or private lines, are a type of telecommunications connection that provides exclusive and uninterrupted communication channels between two or more locations. Unlike regular internet connections, which are typically shared and subject to varying bandwidth and latency, leased lines offer a dedicated and consistent data transmission pathway.

Leased lines are commonly used by businesses and organisations that require high-speed, reliable, and secure connections for various purposes. They can be utilised for data transfer, voice communication, video conferencing, or any other application that demands a dependable and constant connection.

One of the primary advantages of leased lines is their guaranteed bandwidth. Unlike traditional internet connections where bandwidth fluctuates depending on network congestion and other factors, leased lines provide a fixed amount of bandwidth that remains consistent throughout the duration of the lease. This enables businesses to have reliable and predictable network performance, ensuring smooth operation of critical applications and services.

The physical connection is established using dedicated cabling, such as fibre optic cables or copper wires, which are directly linked between the customer’s premises and the service provider’s network infrastructure. This exclusive connection ensures that the bandwidth is solely dedicated to the customer’s use, resulting in faster data transfer rates and reduced latency.

Due to their dedicated nature, leased lines offer enhanced security compared to regular internet connections. The exclusive nature of the connection reduces the risk of unauthorised access or data breached, making leased lines a preferred choice for organisations that handle sensitive information or require secure communication channels.

Leased lines are available in various capacities, ranging from lower bandwidth options suitable for small businesses to high-capacity lines capable of supporting large enterprises with extensive network requirements. The cost of leased lines can vary depending on factors such as the desired bandwidth, distance between locations, and additional services required, but they are generally considered a premium service due to their dedicated and reliable nature.

In summary, leased lines provide businesses and organisations with dedicated, reliable, and secure connections for their communication needs. By offering consistent bandwidth and reduced latency, leased lines ensure uninterrupted access to critical applications and services, making them a valuable resource for companies that prioritise reliable and high-performance networking capabilities.

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Advantages of Unity Leased Line

Reliable Connectivity

Leased lines provide superior reliability and uptime, with service providers guaranteeing specific service levels and offering SLAs for response times and downtime compensation.

Low Latency

Leased lines offer low latency, minimising data transmission delay. This results in faster response times for real-time applications like video conferencing, VoIP calls, and accessing cloud services, benefiting businesses.

Symmetrical Bandwidth

Leased lines provide symmetrical bandwidth, ensuring equal upload and download speeds. This is advantageous for businesses needing reliable and high-speed data transfer in both directions.

Enhanced Security

Leased lines provide dedicated, secure, and uninterrupted connectivity for your business, ensuring consistent performance, reliable speeds, and enhanced security against unauthorised access and data breaches.


Leased lines provide scalable bandwidth, facilitating effortless upgrades to meet evolving business needs. This flexibility is valuable for growing companies and expected data growth.

Quality of Service

Leased lines offer Quality of Service guarantees, allowing businesses to prioritise bandwidth for critical applications like video streaming and voice communication, ensuring optimal performance.

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